"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." ~ George Santayana

The Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC), in conjunction with Delawareans with disabilities and numerous community partner organizations, began the process of memorializing Delaware’s disability history in 2016. The goal of the Delaware Disability History Project is to honor individuals with disabilities and their unique stories by providing a means to share those stories with the world. The Delaware Disability History Project Committee strongly feels that we must remember our past, learn from it, and use what we have learned to move forward to a future where everyone is equal.

What we know so far Presentation Created by Delaware Tech interns, Carmen, Nicole and Anita. Thank you for your work.

Samuel Habib created the below video as a project for his school on the American Dream and the Disability Rights Movement. Samuel was interviewing a National Disability Rights Hero Jude Heumann. The project the Developmental Disabilities Council is currently working on will document the similar struggles that many of our fellow Delawareans with disabilities have encountered over their lifetime.

Judy Heumann by Samuel Habib