Emergency Department Training

Established in April 2013, and made possible through grant funding from the Delaware DDC, the Emergency Department Training Project created and implemented a sensitivity and communication training for emergency room nurses, technicians and staff of every hospital or emergency room in Delaware to increase their understanding and ability to work comfortably with patients with developmental disabilities. Contractor Susan Rzucidlo conducted the trainings, and will continue to ensure sustainability of the project after the close of the contract in March, 2014.

Summer Camp Administrators Training

The United Cerebral Palsy of Delaware (UCP Delaware) Summer Camp Administrator training program project began in April, 2013 and continued through September, 2014. This project is made possible through grant funding from the Delaware DDC. This training is working to help summer camp administrators and their staff to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to create an inclusive camp environment that is safe, fun, age-appropriate and staffed with knowledgeable counselors and administrators who are prepared to meet the needs of campers with disabilities. A major part of this project involved writing an inclusion training manual aimed at providing information on best practices for including more children with disabilities in summer camp programs.

To view or download a copy of "A Camp for Everyone: An Inclusion Guide from UCP of DE" click here. Please pass along this link to any camp staff, administrators, campers, or parents you think may be interested!

Online Transition Modules

This multi-year project was implemented by Delaware’s Protection and Advocacy Organization, Community Legal Aid Society/Disabilities Law Program, and began in September, 2013. With funding through a grant from the Delaware DDC, this project focuses on the preparation of online, accessible technical assistance and self-advocacy materials for individuals age 14-24 with developmental disabilities, transitioning into adulthood. In addition to furthering federal and state transition goals, this project is consistent with Delaware DDC’s mission to educate the public and hold agencies accountable by ensuring that individuals with disabilities and their families have access to full and accurate information relevant for the transition into adulthood.

LIFE Conference

"Delaware's premier conference for people with disabilities and those who support them". The annual LIFE Conference is a collaborative effort of many Delaware consumer focused organizations, including the Delaware DDC of who is a prime sponsor. LIFE stands for Liberty and Independence For Everyone and addresses the topics of: Legislation, Independence through Assistive Technology, Families and Education. Over 500 consumers, families and professionals attended the 2013 LIFE Conference for education and networking opportunities. For more information on the annual LIFE Conference, please visit: www.lifeconferencede.org.

Stop The Abuse Now In Delaware (S.T.A.N.D)

The S.T.A.N.D Project was established in May, 2013 by the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services with funding support from the Delaware DDC and the Criminal Justice Council. This Awareness and Action curriculum was developed by persons with disabilities in partnership with the Building Partnerships for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities Initiative (BPI). The S.T.A.N.D Project seeks to empower and provide supports for persons with disabilities who have been victims of crime. The S.T.A.N.D Project also strives to empower individuals with disabilities with knowledge regarding how not to become a victim of crime. The S.T.A.N.D project staff conducts regular support, training and discussion groups that provide a safe environment for people with disabilities who are crime victims to be heard and supported.

"Just Like You"

In 2010, the Delaware DDC supported the production of this public information campaign to highlight the positive contributions to society of people with disabilities.

Interacting with People With Disabilities: Information on Law Enforcement Education

On behalf of the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC), a qualitative market research was conducted in 2009 as a means of developing a briefing for the State’s Police Chief’s Council highlighting recommendations on how to improve training related to interacting with people with disabilities in the State’s various police agencies.  The objective was to conduct research to determine what training regarding services to the disabled community is currently being offered to members of the Delaware law enforcement community.  The research explored opportunities of improvement in both the recruitment training and continuing education training and included various research components. Click here to view the summary report.