According to Federal Law, the state council representing individuals with developmental disabilities must be composed of no less than sixty percent of people who are:

  • individuals with developmental disabilities;
  • parents or guardians of children with developmental disabilities; or
  • immediate relatives or guardians of adults with mentally impairing developmental disabilities who cannot advocate for themselves;
  • individuals must not be employees of a state agency that receives funds or provides services under this subtitle, and who are not managing employees (as defined in section 1126(b) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C.132a-5(b)) of any other entity that receives funds or provides services under this subtitle.

If you are interested in becoming of a member of the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council, please complete a Board and Commissions Application.

Current Council Members

Individuals with a developmental disability:
Alvin R. Emory, Jr.
Joseph Merritt, Jr.
Barbara Monaghan (Chair)
Sue Ellen Powell
Laura Greene
Karen Gallagher
Maitri Campbell
Lillian Gibbons
Derrick George

Parents or guardians of a child with a developmental disability, or immediate relatives or guardians of an adult with a mentally impairing developmental disability who cannot advocate for himself or herself.
Daniese McMullen-Powell
Terri Hancharick
Michael Harris
Steven Yeatman
Nancy Lemus
Carrie Melchisky
Rick Kosmalski
Shawn Rohe
Debra McCann
Angela Mitchell
Mary Bonk

Members in accordance with other Federal requirements:

Rehabilitation Act of 1973:
HarrietAnn Litwin

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act:
Dale Matusevich

Older Americans Act of 1965:
Carol Barnett, Division of Services for Aging and Adult with Physical Disabilities

Title XIX of the Social Security Act:
Katie Howe, Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

DD University-Affiliated Program:
Beth Mineo, Center for Disabilities Studies/University of Delaware

Protection and Advocacy:
Laura Waterland Community Legal Aid Society, Inc./Disabilities Law Program

Private Non-Profit Agency:
Katie Macklin

Title V of the Social Security Act:
Karen McGloughlin, Division of Public Health